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Why do wedding photos take so long?

I’m sure this is a question on the mind of every recently married bride. A well respected photographer that I admire (read: blog stalk), Anne Ruthmann, gave such an eloquent explanation to this question, that I believe really covers what most of us wedding photographers go through. I won’t transcribe it here, rather I’d like to send you to her blog to read it. But please do give it a once over, especially brides. It’s such an accurate depiction of how a lot of photographers (myself included) struggle with the balance of artistic perfection vs business decision, as it pertains to turn around times.

Kaylee - Artistic perfection means nothing. In our fast food society, people expect ever faster service for EVERYTHING. Patience is no longer a virtue.

And no, I didn’t read Anne’s blog because I don’t have time. Must speed off to my next destination! Why read a whole post when I can read just a paragraph? Besides, you’re the only photo blog I need. :)

Now do I get to choose which canned food you’re donating? ;)

Ro - I’m glad I found your blog, this was an awesome post. I love your work by the way! I just stumbled across your blog not too long ago. I grew up in Newark. I also just saw your post about the wedding where you took them to Springton Manor – that’s my favorite location for portraits!! – and yes – that tree is awesome – and yes, I can’t read either (the sign). And I love the cans for comment idea too…boy, your blog just really moved me enough today to reveal myself – hehe

Mary Marantz - I totally agree!!! That post ROCKED!!

Karen - I'm not sure how I found your blog but when I did I had to check it out since my step-daughter's name is Misty Dawn & she loves photography too.

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