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Time is a Funny Thing

I’ve witnessed my friends’ and clients’ little ones grow from cooing little babes into curious and playful, walking, talking wonders before my very eyes.  I’ve always recognized how crazy it is that children grow so fast, but it’s truly ASTONISHING to me now as a parent. My little one is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in just a couple weeks!  I. Can’t. Even.  I swear she was just born a few months ago.  And yet…it feels like she’s been here forever.  Life before her is blurred in my memory.

As many of you know, I scaled back the amount of weddings and sessions I’ve accepted this past year so I could be present for my daughter.  I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed the down time this past year – after all, they’re only little once, right?  With that said, I want to tell you that I am still here.  I am still booking weddings.  Still photographing families and beautiful new babes.  Still designing albums for past brides and grooms.  I know Misty Dawn Photography has been quiet on the blog and on social media, but I assure you, I am still here.  MDP_7570-Edit

Ooooooh…..that’s exciting news, isn’t it?  You bet.  So email me today if you’re searching for Delaware Professional Photographers.

Dover Downs Wedding

A blue dress + a casino theme + a group of mature older ladies crashing the party = not your typical wedding event!  This Dover Downs wedding was only 5 weeks after I was due to give birth to my first baby, but I booked the wedding before I was even pregnant.  Once we knew the pregnancy was viable, I contacted the couple to offer them their money back or the option of a replacement photographer at my cost, should one be needed.  They trusted me with their wedding day so they stayed, accepting the risk of a replacement photographer.  As it turned out, I gave birth to my daughter via C-section and the recovery meant that I couldn’t photograph the wedding, though I did show up and take some photos for a few hours (with the lightest combination of gear possible!).  I entrusted my awesome colleagues Leah and Erin to document the day in my stead, and they did a wonderful job!


Corey Nelson - Gorgeous work as always!!!

Sara Bell - I felt like I was there! Looks like a fun wedding.

First comes love…

You know the saying.  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage… I am so pleased to announce the birth of our first born, a beautiful baby girl!  We are just smitten with this amazing little being.  She has shown us a level of love and joy that we didn’t know existed.

Here she is!  {photo by Dougherty Photo Designs}


Since this little lady’s arrival, I’ve taken some time away from work to be the best mommy I can be for her.  Have no fear though, my current clients are still being taken care of and I’m still booking for 2015 and beyond.  I’m accepting a select number of portrait sessions for the remainder of this year as well.  So if you’re interested in having me photograph your family or your wedding, hit me up!  That said – I appreciate your patience as my emails might be a tad slower than usual.

Look for some new work coming to the blog soon!

Michelle | Maryland Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is such an amazing event for a woman, making it a perfect time to honor with photography.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph a quite pregnant Michelle on her family’s beautiful farm.  It was a refreshing change to photograph out in the country, since I’m usually frequenting city parks and gardens.  Exploring new scenery with a camera is always a joy and it was especially satisfying to be able to show Michelle in her natural environment.  I always encourage clients to choose a location that is most comfortable for them for their sessions.  I feel like these photos clearly show how at ease she is on the farm.  Take a look.



If you’re looking for a Delaware or Maryland maternity photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me today for information!

Foto Clipping - Such loving portraits…..nice location and perfect whether as well…well done for making the visual creative :)

Mini-Sessions :: delaware portrait photographers

October has arrived and with it, thoughts about the coming holidays.  I’m sure many of you are already starting to think about holiday cards and updating your family portraits with the beautiful fall foliage on it’s way.  Take advantage of our two mini-sessions days for a great deal on Delaware family portraits and fabulous holiday cards that will stand out from the crowd!  We only hold mini sessions 1-2x a year and there are limited spots available, so CONTACT US TODAY to book your spot!